GPSchool, find your way


Our school, the Oscar Romerocollege in Dendermonde, is very big. Because of this, it's not always easy to find your way around. Especially for new students it is often difficult to find their class, so they are sometimes too late in class. The numbering of the classrooms is also often not logical.

But don't worry! We made the solution for you. It's our app: GPS school.


Our main goal is that students who are not used to the Economics and IT buildings can find the classrooms they are looking for. We want to give them an easy solution not to be late in class. The students can easily find their classrooms based on the pre-filled class schedule. The app will be available free of charge through the website, so that it is easily accessible for everyone.


We created the Android application with Xamarin as it uses the C# programming language, which we already learned in the software development lessons. Xamarin is the software to create mobile applications and is built into Visual Studio, which we already use in class. This results in a very user friendly app, just by taking the next 3 steps. First enter your desired classroom, then scan the Qr-code near your current location and simply press the "find my way" button.