Our Development

We decided in September that we would make an app that would help students find their way around the large and complex buildings of our school. The idea was quite simple, but the obstacles were bigger than we could have imagined.

We decided to work with Xamarin. We knew we'd have to learn how to do that on our own, because we didn't see that software in class.

The first months we mainly used to learn how Xamarim works. That was quite difficult because the tutorials for Xamarim were very limited and we had to learn a new syntax.

The new syntax was XAML. We personally found this language quite difficult to master.

With the start of the new year we were able to work well with Xamarim and we quickly started to work hard!

Even during the Easter holidays we did a lot of experimenting and trying out. After the Easter holidays we finally made a lot of progress. From then on it became much more interesting and fun to work on.

In May we added a lot of improvements and refinements to our app. By the end of May our App will be finished the way we want it to be and we can be proud of the end result! At the project presentation we will be happy to introduce our useful App to you.